Can Fish Oil Help Your ADHD Child?

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In today’s schools, boys bounce off the walls. If left untreated, students with ADD grow into teenagers who continue to be very hyperactive. However, few of us want to put our children on Ritalin or another similar drug, who wants their children to try to learn while drugged? And who wants to deal with the side effects? Fortunately, there are ways to improve your child’s ability to care without using the dangerous medications provided by the medical facility and the government.

It has been found that one of the best known supplements in the world of healthy foods can benefit children with ADHD and ADHD. The association between fish oil and ADD has been investigated in recent years and the mixed results definitely look promising. The chain of events in your brain certainly makes perfect sense: your brain needs omega 3 to function well, students with ADD seem to have a deficiency of this essential fatty acid (which makes concentration difficult, etc.) and, finally,  supplements of fish oil  supply the deficit.

A 2005 study by several leading psychiatrists suggests that many problems such as dyslexia and ADD are caused in part by the lack of specific polyunsaturated fats. After taking fish oil supplements, the test children showed a significant improvement in reading, spelling and general behavior. While conclusive evidence is not available at this time, the research points to many benefits of using fish oil that is rich in omega 3 for ADD problems.

If you decide to give fish oil or any type of omega 3 for ADHD or ADD, there are many options on how to give it to your children, even the fussy ones. Of course, you can always incorporate some bluefish meals in your weekly menu. This blue fish could be in the form of salmon, sardines or tuna. If you plan to feed your child with ADD, make sure it is extracted from clear water and has a very low amount of mercury in the meat.

In addition to fish, you can also give fish oil supplements. There are quite a few available; If your child is picky and can’t stand the   standard fish oil capsules , there are other options available. Many supplement manufacturers now offer Omega 3 gummy bears, while others simply add lemon flavor to fish oil and bottle or encapsulate the oil. Another option is to buy Coromega, a small package of flavored omega 3 cream. Customers report that the consistency of this cream is somewhere between mayonnaise and pudding without being oily. It comes in orange or chocolate flavors with orange. With all the options available today, you shouldn’t have trouble addressing  fish oil and the  problems of ADHD  every morning.

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