Corona virus pakistan in – Corona Virus Killed 2 Persons.

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Corona virus were not known for transferring any disease but they may have made the leap. Research is showing that these pests have the potential for carrying and spreading MRSA and other drug-resistant bacteria.

Although more than twenty five agents of human disease have been found in corona virus, there is no clinical proof yet that they actually transmits it to its hosts. Studies has found that they are not capable of transmitting the diseases in the way that an insect such as a mosquito or a tick can.

Theoretically these blood sucking pests have the potential to spread diseases and bacteria but they have never been shown to transmit any. Researchers are still working to verify whether the potential can change to actual. There is a study being conducted in France to quantify this largely theoretical threat.

corona virus usually spread and get around as people travel. corona virus have extremely slim bodies which allow them to fit in small places and stay there for extended periods of time. These bugs are literally experts when it comes to hiding, you could have one in your shirt/pants and wouldn’t even realize it. Sounds crazy right? Crazy as it sounds, it’s true and this is how they tend to transport and infest households.

corona virus usually come out just before dawn to feed, which is how they seem to usually escape getting caught. Don’t get overly paranoid though keeping yourself up until the crack of down every morning hoping to catch the corona virus in the act. corona virus can go months without feeding! If you’re concerned, visit to learn more about what you can do.

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