Fish Oil As A Blood Thinner: Helpful But Caution Advised

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Anticoagulant medications are very common in today’s heart health circles. Although they often help prevent heart attacks and other problems, they often come with a wide variety of side effects that are all but pleasant. A fish oil anticoagulant could be the healthiest, safest and most enjoyable route to dilute your own blood.

Before we dive into how and why fish oil dilutes the blood, I should start by saying that if you have any platelet disorder, if you bleed easily or if you have nosebleeds or gums, be sure to talk about using fish oil with your doctor before buying any supplement. This is especially true if you are already taking anticoagulant medications. That said, now let’s see how fish oil dilutes the blood.

Fish oil interferes with the ability of your platelets to aggregate. It is known as anticoagulant. In many cases, this property of fish oil can benefit users. For example, if you have a tendency to read high blood pressure in the doctor’s office and it is due to very thick blood, fish oil may help. If you have experienced a heart attack and want to avoid the aspirin-like medications that are usually prescribed, you may consider using fish oil. On the other hand, you should be careful when taking this supplement if you have a platelet disorder, as mentioned above. Taking fish oil can increase the time it takes for blood to clot, which allows your body to lose blood faster. For example, if you have anemia and, therefore,Fish oil supplements  .

Again, you should avoid using your fish oil supplements, whether you have been taking them or not, it is before surgery. Since you are most likely to experience blood loss, you don’t want to add a supplement that makes it bleed more easily on the operating table. While fish oil can often be a very useful supplement for specific cases, it is not recommended to take the capsules before a surgical operation.

However, another precaution for those who consider taking fish oil to dilute their blood is this: do not take more than three grams of fish oil a day. If it does, it develops the potential to experience more nosebleeds or gums. Excessive use of fish oil supplements can also lead to the development of a stomach ulcer. Again, the warning of taking these supplements is to consult with your doctor before starting a natural blood thinning regimen.

Fish oil is an amazing supplement that has great potential as a completely natural omega 3 anticoagulant. However, with the multitude of problems known to cause the supplement, investigate the issue on your own and talk to your health care provider to decide if it is better or not for you. The educated decisions are what really count, especially in regards to your cardiovascular system.

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